"Laura Levai Aksin is an exceptional musician, with great potentials, I truly enjoyed the moments of music with her…"
Patrick Gallois, Paris 1994.

"Laura Levai Aksin is an exceptional flute player and musician. I recall with great joy her interpretation of Bach’s Sonata in e-minor as well as the piece of K. Stockhausen’s  In Freundschaft, which were interpreted magnificently by her as a solist"
Aurele Nicolet, Basel 1993

"She is not only an exceptional flute player, but an experienced musician with a noble character…"
Claude Lefebvre, Paris 1993.

From critics:

Thanks to her flawless technique she evokes admiration from the very first sound. Our soloist played all the pieces in one breath, using her special flute as an instrument which is capable of producing richly ornamented, dynamically well-built melody full of rhythm, while she simply makes the audience fly with her clear tones.
DNEVNIK, 2003.

"Laura Levai Aksin has behind herself an excellent overall musical education and possesses exceptional instrumental knowledge. She is excellent, indeed…"
Aurele Nicolet in an interview for the Slobodna Dalmacija, 1990.

‘With her brilliant talent and great virtuosity she played Robert Dick’s composition, her interpretation was full of attractive details, multiphonic tones, double tones, flageolets and circular breathing"
DANAS, 2003.

"The central and at the same time most attratcive part of her concert was the Concerto for Flute and Orchestra by Jacques Ibert…
…It was a true joy to see how deeply and consciously Laura Levai Aksin formed the most refined musical phrases, how easily she performed the most difficult techniques, putting them almost unrecognizably into a superior musical contexts. The second, and technically easier part was like an oasis of an airy atmosphere for the audience, in which the widely presented melody of the soloist turned into an even wider, sensual ending with all her musical blossoms. And, at the end, the Scherzo was like a great firework of picturesque colors, which broke into syncope’s as well as jazz-like rhythms – in this way making the public burst into great applause."
DNEVNIK, 2003.9.26.

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